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Whether you’re having back pain or neck pain, problems in the spine can cause you to lose your balance. Chiropractic treatment of the spine can significantly improve your balance. Read on to learn about the link between spine problems and balance.

Think about this: if the normal range of motion in any one spinal joint is reduced by 50%, then 50% of the information that single joint supplies to the brain on movement, position, sense, and balance is also reduced. This means that the brain is unable to accurately perceive where the body is in space, and the direction in which it is moving. Is the body falling? In which direction?

And that’s just one joint. Consider that just in the lower back alone, there are 15 such joints. If you have restrictions in motion in all of those joints, then the problem is compounded or multiplied.

If your brain doesn’t know where your body is in space, if it can’t sense that you are losing your balance or if you are falling, then you can’t respond in an appropriate manner to keep yourself from hurting yourself.

Enter the chiropractor. Chiropractic adjustments to the spine restore normal motion to the spinal joints and improve the communication between your body and your brain. This improves your balance and reduces your risk of falling and injuring yourself.

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